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Tips to Help Your Child Tackle Tough Homework Assignments

Oftentimes, students can struggle to get homework done because they simply don't understand how to do it. Although you may think your limited knowledge on the subject won't help, you can actually be of great help. Use these tips to help...

How to Set SMART Goals

Now that your child knows how important it is to set goals, be sure they have the technique down. Use these tips to help them set the most effective type of goals: SMART goals.

Make Goals Specific

As you sit down with your child to work on their goals, remind them to be as...

Why Goal Setting Matters

A great way to start off the school year is by sitting down with your child to develop goals for the school year. If you're not sure why this is so important, this post can help you understand the importance of developing goals.

Have Clear Targets

Without goals, your...

Grammar and Vocabulary Make a Big Difference

Although grammar and vocabulary are mostly considered a part of reading and writing subjects, they make a big difference in all academic areas, including math and science. You see, vocabulary and grammar are essential to all school subjects because...

Start Helping Your Child Be College Bound

It isn't always easy to help your child make better academic choices, but encouraging them to go to college is something you can start doing even at a young age. The following are some ideas to help you start encouraging your child to be college bound.



Help Your Child Improve Their Reading Abilities

Good reading skills can help your child improve their overall learning in school, but sadly, over a third of school-aged children have a very difficult time with reading. That is why it is so important that students work on their reading skills....

How Procrastination Affects Students

There are many things that can hinder academic performance for students, but most of these are internal challenges. Bad habits such as procrastinating, lack of listening skills, and poor concentration are all things that need to be constantly worked on in...
Test-taking is something most students dread. However, preparing for it correctly can truly make a big difference, including helping students feel more ready when exam day comes. Today we want to share some of the best tips to help students do well on tests.

Top 3 Tips to Do Well on a Test


One Simple Activity to Help Your Child Develop Better Listening Skills

The majority of students have a hard time with listening abilities and struggle to actively pay attention to classroom lessons. This is a problem that is seen more and more every day. The good news is that listening skills can...
Homework is not exactly fun, but it needs to get done. Teaching your child to complete homework assignments is crucial in helping them succeed in their academic life. That is why today we want to discuss how to promote better homework habits at home.

Ways to Facilitate Better Homework Habits



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