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 Having a pet not only gives your child companionship but can teach him or her many other things. We at The Tutoring Center in East Cobb, GA, would like to share with you how a pet can help your child learn confidence, social and cognitive skills.


Learning how to care for a pet...
Spelling is an essential skill to have in order to understand and be understood in the English language. However, it’s natural for some students to struggle a bit with it; after all, there are a lot of rules and exceptions to be considered to spell correctly. This is why, in this post, you’ll...
If you’re looking for an indoor activity to do with your child that’s inexpensive but great for their development, there are few better choices than journaling. Encouraging your child to keep a journal brings a whole host of rewards. Today, The Tutoring Center of East Cobb would like to tell...
We here at The Tutoring Center in Marietta recently offered some suggestions for brain-boosting superfoods to include in your child’s diet. Today, we’d like to offer some recipes for breakfasts that will keep your child fuelled up through even the busiest school day.

Greek yogurt & granola...

We’re sure you’re aware of how important it is for your child’s physical and mental development that they get the right nutrients. The Tutoring Center of Marietta know that it can be difficult to think of what to feed your child, so we’ve compiled a few suggestions for brain-boosting superfoods.

Eggs ...
The holidays are on their way, meaning your child will have plenty of free time to enjoy themselves doing all manner of things. This is a perfect opportunity to get your child engaged in reading; it’s an invaluable academic skill but can also provide hours of entertainment and help develop their...
Creativity isn’t something your child either has or doesn’t have; it’s a skill like any other, one that requires guidance and practice. A creative mind is key not just to your child’s academic development but also to their happiness, so make sure you’re nurturing your child’s creativity by...
As the school year is officially underway, we certainly hope you are seeing some great achievements from your child already. We also hope that your child has been successful thus far in staying organized. Afterall, organization is linked to academic success. If your child has not been so...


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