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Although adults think of most addition and subtraction as ‘mental math’ and can usually complete problems without the use of paper and pencil, math can be a challenging new subject to master for young learners. Math takes a lot of practice, but to help make the entire process easier, The Tutoring Center in Marietta would like to offer a few pointers to help while practicing. 

Make it Real

Use objects like candies, coins, small pieces of paper, etc. so that your child can relate the numbers to something physical. It’s easier to relate the equation (6-4=2) when you look at a pile of 6 candies, subtract 4 away, and count the remaining 2 candies. If you use candies and they get it right, reward them by allowing them to eat a few. 

Organize with Color

A very useful way to conceptualize math is to use colors. Allow red to signify a subtraction and green to indicate addition. Colors will also help students stay organized. Make sure they use well aligned columns and write neatly. Many mathematical errors are actually caused my sloppy writing or unorganized equations; learning how to keep math equations well organized will be essential in advanced math as well.

Find What Works

Some students are visual learners that will be able to understand these concepts a little easier. For other students, they will need more clarification. One-to-one instruction is a great way to really help young learners because you can focus on their individual strengths and weaknesses as well as design a program to fit their learning style. Learning math can be hard but with the right program, any student can master it. For more information with math help and private tutoring in Marietta contact our experts today at 770-977-1888.


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