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Tutoring and Other Tips for Improving Working Memory

Learning is a process and the joint effort of several factors. Every aspect of it is important. Among the many important factors is the working memory. The working memory is considered to be part of the short-term memory and is the mind mechanism that sustains information while it processes it for use and application. This makes it a truly important aspect of learning. Today, we want to explain how you can help your child develop a better working memory.

When Do We Use Our Working Memory?

When the working memory is not functioning at its best children may face difficulty inside and outside the classroom. The working memory not only deals with academic aspects, it also deals with the entire thinking and information use process. Therefore, it is needed even in normal daily life situations. Simple things like placing an order and paying for it or remembering where the car is parked require the use of our working memory. In school, math problems  and all sorts of academic activities also require it. Following directions is one of the most common things in both areas and it seems to be one that many children have difficulty with. This problem with following directions could be due to a low working memory.

2 Fun Activites for Increasing Working Memory Skills

  • Memory card game. Using memory cards helps children use their working memory to store the position of certain pictures in their mind and then recall it in order to find the matching card. Picture versions are ideal for smaller children while older kids can be asked to match a word with a drawing or even an equation with its answer for a bigger challenge.
  • Drawing a picture of a description. Another simple but effective way to let children practice and increase their working memory is by having them draw a picture of a certain description you call out. For example, give them a sheet of paper and ask them to draw an angry girl with a bow in her hair. You can make the description as long or short as you need to, depending on the child´s abilities and continue to build up on that.

Facilitate the Learning Process With Tutoring in Marietta, GA

There are many fun and creative ways to get your child to do better in all learning areas. Read our memorization tips post for more ideas on helping your child obtain better learning techniques. Allow The Tutoring Center in Marietta to help your child improve and learn better ways to efficiently process information. Call us today at 770-977-1888.


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