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Grammar and Vocabulary Make a Big Difference

Although grammar and vocabulary are mostly considered a part of reading and writing subjects, they make a big difference in all academic areas, including math and science. You see, vocabulary and grammar are essential to all school subjects because they allow you to better understand the information you need. The following activities can help your child's grammar and vocabulary improve this school year.

Tips to Help Your Child Do Better in Grammar and Vocabulary

  • Encourage your child to read stories and books out loud. Then, correct their pronunciation and show them the importance of pausing after a comma and period.
  • Motivate your child to be creative and use new vocabulary. Have a thesaurus and dictionary always handy at home and invite them to use it for homework. They can even uses them to learn new words to enhance their conversations.
  • Demonstrate the use of higher vocabulary by reiterating what they say in a conversation but using a synonyms. For example, if your child tells you they loved the new movie because it was ¨cool,¨  you can respond by saying, "I'm glad you found the movie to be so 'awesome'."
  • Students love correcting teachers and parents. Have them read something you wrote (make a few grammar mistakes when you do this) and ask them to point out all the grammatical mistakes, misspellings, and punctuation errors they can find.

Start This School Year with the Support of the Best Tutors in Marietta GA

This school year, make sure that you start your child off on the right track by encouraging them to do better in grammar and vocabulary. The Tutoring Center, Marietta GA can help you do just that. Contact them today at 770-977-1888 and let their expert tutors guide your child to a better start this school year.


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