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Teach Your Teen the Benefits of Reading

Finding ways to get your teen interested in reading can be quite the challenge, but something that we see often here at The Tutoring Center in Marietta. We understand the importance of reading and have put together a few easy to follow tips to help you encourage your teen to read.
  • Start by Setting an Example

    This is the best way to actively show your child the enjoyment and benefits from reading. When reading the newspaper over breakfast, openly discuss an article that you have just read, referring back to it throughout the conversation. This can show your teens how active learning and discussion can come from simply reading a small news article.
  • Let Your Teen Choose

    While it is important that you ensure your child is reading educationally stimulating material, there needs to be a compromise for enjoyment, also. Allow your child to select their books first and then take a look at the options for what sort of vocabulary or learning experience they may offer. Remember, reading is meant to be broad, gaining language or sentence structure skills that may seem informal can have excellent real world usage.
  • Keep Things Moving

    If you notice that your teen is really interested in a certain genre or they are quickly reading the books in a series, be sure to keep the momentum going by providing them with the remaining books in the series, ready for them to go. If there isn’t any time in between books, not only do they not lose interest in the story, they don’t lose interest in reading.

Tutoring in Marietta

Reading is a quick way to expand your teen’s vocabulary and language skills and make the perfect complement for formal one-to-one tutoring in Marietta. Speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center in Marietta on 770 977 1888 about how our structured programs can help your child reach their reading potential.


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