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Read and Repeat

First and foremost, to help with fluency and comprehension, there is a ‘guided oral repeated reading’ program. Whether this is done with the help of audio recordings or a private tutor in Marietta/East Cobb, guided repetition is the best way to practice. It helps readers to listen and read at the same time instead of forcing them to read silently alone. While doing the repeated reading, make a list of problem areas. Many students have problems with distinguishing punctuation whereas other students may struggle to pronounce longer words. Identify weakness and address them.


Also, use books that are engaging to the student. It’s a lot more difficult to read and comprehend something if you are not interested in the first place. When practicing reading skills, it’s more important to focus on improving the student’s reading, not absorbing new knowledge. Once they are a fluid and comprehensive reader, it will be more natural to learn from textbooks or required school readings.

Be Loud

One thing that can be challenging when improving reading fluency and comprehension is actually getting older students to read out loud. Younger learners tend to be more willing because it is generally accepted that everyone is on the same level. As students get older and more self-conscious, they become reluctant to read aloud. In these situations, a one-on-one learning environment will benefit the student greatly. Becoming embarrassed in front of their peers may be a huge factor as to why they don’t enjoy reading; it’s best not to force it. Use a private reading tutor outside the usual education platform for additional help. Just like everything else, reading skills will improve with practice, and eventually students will feel more comfortable reading aloud in a classroom setting.

Take Notes

Finally, to improve comprehension of what students are reading, have them take notes and highlight important information. Even if it is just a few keywords, it will be easy to return to and review. It’s difficult to read something quickly one time and completely comprehend and retain everything. They should mark the areas that they don’t fully comprehend, and return when time permits. At the beginning, tell them not to spend too much time trying to comprehend just one thing if it will greatly slow them down. Have them make a note of it, and go back to it later; they can even go to a teacher out of class or tutor for further clarification. 

Struggling with reading is something that will be very detrimental in a child’s educational path. By starting young, usually students will be okay, if they need extra reading help, contact The Tutoring Center, Marietta today at 770-977-1888.


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