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With the warmer weather upon us and a much needed break from school, don’t let education suffer. Utilize the nice days by going outside to do something fun and hopefully learn while doing so. The Tutoring Center in Marietta or East Cobb has two fun science rockets you can do outdoor with your kids in the beautiful coming months.


Remember that all science experiments require proper safety gear and preparations. You should always wear proper eye protection and gloves. Also, don’t wear any loose clothing and tie back long hair to keep out of the way. Preview the experiment as you go through the safety process and check to see all the children understand why safety is important. 


Making a basic rocket fueled by a simple chemical reaction is very easy and safe for children under supervision. All you need is an empty film canister, baking soda, vinegar, and small pieces of tissue paper. Take a small amount of the baking soda into a piece of tissue paper and twist it into a ball. Fill the film container about halfway with vinegar. Drop the ball into the vinegar, quickly put the lid on, place it upside down and wait just a few seconds before the pressure builds from the CO2 produced when vinegar and baking soda react, and the rocket shoots off!

Air Pressure

A much more advanced way to shoot off a rocket with built up air pressure is by using a simple hand pump, such as for a bicycle or sports ball. This setup is much more complex and should probably be bought, or it requires designs from the internet, at the minimum; however, the final result will be much more impressive if you put the money and work into it. Basically, these rockets work by filling an air-tight chamber with a little bit of water and then increase the pressure inside using the hand pump. When the pressure value is released, the water is forced from the bottom of the rocket, propelling it high into the air. 

These two at experiments are great ways to keep your kids excited about learning this summer. Do multiple educational activities a week to keep them sharp. If you would like more science help or information about special one-to-one instruction in Marietta or East Cobb, call us today at 770-977-1888.


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