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Passive and Active Voice Explained 

Whether you are looking for basic math help to get started on addition and subtraction or more advanced grammar rules, here at the Tutoring Center in Marietta we have you covered. On top of great tutoring services, we continuously strive to provide a variety of tips and information that will benefit you and your child. Today we will guide you through a quick explanation on how to change a phrase from active to passive voice.

What is passive and active voice?

Active voice in a sentence is when the subject performs the action. Passive voice in a sentence is when the subject receives the action.

How to turn an active sentence into a passive one?

To turn an active sentence into a passive, the emphasis must be on the object by placing it in front of the sentence. You must also add Was/Were and use the Past Tense of the verb. Formula: Direct Object + Was/Were + Past Tense Verb + Subject My bike + was + stolen+ by the girl. Examples Passive Voice                                                           Active Voice
  • The girl stole my bike.                             My bike was stolen by the girl.
  • The police shot the dog.                        The dog was shot by the police.
  • Cristina baked the cake.                     The cake was baked by Cristina.

Fun activity to try with your child

Once you explain this grammar concept to your child you can then try to have him/her try out a few examples. You can do this by letting him/her pick out a few newspaper headlines and convert them into passive voice. You can also read on article from the newspaper together and then pick out a few sentences to change from active to passive voice. Have fun while doing this and try to make it challenging and competitive so that it turns into a game and not something tedious.

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