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How to Prepare for a Standardized Test

There's a lot of pressure to perform well on standardized tests, no matter what it is they're measuring. Whether it's the SAT or a state test, some students have trouble preparing because of the immense amount of pressure they feel. To help your child go into their test more prepared, use these tips.

Know What to Study

First of all, your child needs to know what they will be tested on in order to know what they should focus their study efforts on. Some tests may come with a study guide while others will be a bit vaguer. Help your child identify the areas where they need the most preparation and then develop a study schedule they can stay on top of. This will help them spread out their studying and avoid cramming the night before.

Test Taking Techniques

Performing well on a standardized test doesn't only come down to studying. Your child should also be prepared with some techniques that will help things go smoother. For example, your child should know if there are penalties for wrong answers. If there aren't, they should answer every question even if they can't figure out the answer. Teach them to identify keywords in the directions and in questions so that it's easier to identify the right answer. Finally, teach them the process of elimination so that they can narrow down their answer choices quickly.

Deal With Test Taking Anxiety

Many students have a hard time performing their best on tests because they get overcome with test-taking anxiety. Remind your child that it's just a test. In fact, tests like the SAT's allow students to re-take the test for a better score. It also helps to practice breathing exercises and stretches to reduce stress during a test.

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