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Is Your Teen Feeling Stressed Out?

While they may not have to worry about providing for a household or paying the bills, The Tutoring Center in Marietta knows that the life of a teenager can still be quite stressful; as they learn to balance academics with a social life, all while experiencing many physical and emotional changes. Here are some signs your teen might be feeling stressed out and how you can work together and alleviate that stress:

Not Sleeping Well

Insomnia can be a sign of anxiety, so talk to your teen if you notice they aren’t sleeping well. If they are having troubles falling asleep at night, find some strategies to help them mentally unload all their worries before going to sleep, such as writing down a list of things that need to be accomplished the next day or discussing an upcoming potentially stressful event like a public speech or performance.


While teenagers are notoriously emotional, if your high schooler is developing a negative attitude about school or friends, this may be a sign they are feeling overwhelmed. Many teenagers will retreat to spending more time alone and less time with friends. If you notice this behavior, try spending some time with your teenager to pinpoint what may be causing them so much anxiety, whether it is related to school, or to friends, or to their own self-esteem. Then together you can find the best solution to help them feel less anxious and more confident.

Failing Grades

While lower grades can be a sign that your high schooler is not understanding a concept or focusing enough in class, failing grades may indicate a larger problem of feeling overwhelmed. Do some investigating into why their grade is so low. Are they turning in all the assignments? Do they need some extra help? When in doubt, talk to their teachers to see if they have any suggestions.

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