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Traditions Help Transition into a Good School Year

The school year is here and that means a fresh start and new things to prepare for and learn. Back to school can sometimes create unwanted anxiety and stress for both parents and kids. However, it does not have to be this way, creating back to school traditions can help make this a smooth and pleasant event. That is why The Tutoring Center in Marietta, wants to share a few tips to help you start creating back to school traditions.

How to Create Great Back to School Traditions

  • Start Soon- As with all traditions the sooner you start them the better they become. Starting a back to school tradition in kindergarten will help you make the most of these traditions throughout the years. However, even if your about to send your kid off to high school it is not too late to start, you can still start a fun back to school tradition to enjoy with your high-schooler.
  • Add purpose to the tradition- Traditions can serve a greater purpose, they can be fun and meaningful. Take the time to make your back to school traditions about more than just going back to school. Use these traditions to remind your child of things that are important to your family. You can write a letter to your child reminding them of your family's values and how they hold the responsibility to display them in and out of the home and at school. Another great idea is to give them a quick review of what they learned last year, by playing trivia games and board games with questions about math or grammar that they learned in previous years.
  • Have fun- Traditions do not have to be boring, they are in fact some of the most memorable moments of our childhood. Make your back to school traditions fun and exiting. They can be about living and enjoying new things like making a new recipe for dinner on back to school eve, or trying a new restaurant, or even visiting a new place the day before school. These things can be a memorable way to help your child understand, that although the new school year brings new experiences that can be scary, they usually turn out to be fun adventures. This also provides your child with a lively way to express their feelings about the new school year and feel more confident about going back to school.
  • Make memories- Back to school traditions are a great way to make lasting memories for your family, Throughout the years you can always look back at the previous years and see how much your child and you have changed, improved and excelled. Try to take pictures, videos and records of your child's likes and aspirations as well as their goals. A fun way to do this can be by taking pictures of your child with their favorite outfit the night before back to school day, you can have them hold a paper with what they want to be when they grow up written on it. This is something that might change over the years and can certainly be a fun way to keep track of all they things they wanted to be up until they graduate from University.
Your child has aspirations, help them reach their goals and dreams by providing them the support they need. Make tutoring a part of your school traditions. For more on how to succeed going back to school visit our previous post on back to school.

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