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School has started and new experiences are just around the corner. Dealing with so many changes and receiving new information, specially if you are in a new environment, can be challenging.  That is why here at The Tutoring Center in Marietta we want to share a few tips that will help you instill confidence in your child.

Confidence Helps Your Child Cope

Confidence is an essential tool to succeed in life and in school. It allows us to feel secure and promotes us to make better choices. Confidence is a skill that must be developed in order to use it properly and to benefit from it. Children learn confidence at home, parents are the primary teachers of this very important matter. There are many ways to build confidence but one of the most useful ways to do so is through the correct use of praise. The correct forms of praise can motivate your child to continue to do positive things and to take proper actions in different situations.

Praise Your Child Properly

  • Never praise your child for external factors. This is a common mistake and usually creates a problematic chain of thinking. When you praise your child for external factors such as how beautiful she looks or how smart he is, it is harder for them to cope with challenges they do not easily overcome. For example when he does not do well in an exam it will be harder for him to deal with this, because he is supposed to ¨be smart¨ and not because he should work hard to study (For tips of how to help your child prepare for an exam visit our previous post.) When you attribute too much importance and praise to external factors that they cannot control, such as their beauty or behavior, you create promote the wrong mentality.
  • Praise internal factors often. The correct these to praise are the values and efforts that are demonstrated. Instead of praising your child for how beautiful she is, praise her for how much effort she put into keep her clothes clean. Instead of praising your child for how smart he is, praise him for working so hard on his school project. Working hard and giving your best effort are internal factor your child can control and continually strive to improve. By praising attributes that can be learn and strengthened, you will be giving your child the right tools to build their confidence, and the proper character.

Tutoring in Marietta GA

Help your children cope with a new environment and be prepared to understand new information, by getting them the support they need. Tutoring is another great way to provide give your child the confidence needed to excel in school. For the best tutoring in Marietta GA contact The Tutoring Center in Marietta today. Call us now at 770-977-1888.


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