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Tips to Help Your Child Tackle Tough Homework Assignments

Oftentimes, students can struggle to get homework done because they simply don't understand how to do it. Although you may think your limited knowledge on the subject won't help, you can actually be of great help. Use these tips to help your child the next time they get stuck on an assignment.

Acknowledge That It's Hard

Some students may have a hard time asking for help because they're afraid of looking dumb. If your child asks you for help, let them know that they're taking a great first step. Make sure that they understand they're not the only student who struggles with homework. This will make it easier for them to ask questions in the future and look for help when they need it.

Understand the Assignment

Before jumping into the assignment, be sure you and your child both understand what is being asked. Read the directions together and then ask your child to explain them in their own words. This will ensure that your child knows what the assignment is asking. Once this is clear, read the accompanying lesson together and go through the examples. This can clear up questions and make the assignment easier to understand. Now that this is clear, try working through a problem together.

Stick Around to Help

Once your child has the hang of how to complete the assignment, stick around just in case they need more help. Stay in the same room as them and work on your own tasks quietly. By sticking around you are letting them know that you are there and ready to help if they get stuck again.

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