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Tips and Tricks for Better Class Notes

Class notes are a great resource for students when it comes time for final exams. However, not all notes will prove to be effective. In order for your child's notes to be useful, they have to know how to take good notes. Below are some tips that can help your child take the best notes possible.

Listen and Write

Many students think they have to write down everything the teacher says, but trying to do this will result in a few issues. First of all, your student won't actually listen to and process the lesson because they'll be too focused on writing. Another issue they may have is that their notes will never be complete because it's hard to write at the same pace that someone is talking. To actually understand the lesson and get good notes from it, encourage your child to listen to the lesson and only focus on writing down the most important information.

Find a System That Works

There are tons of note taking techniques your child can try out until they find a system that works for them. Help them explore techniques like the Cornell method or the mapping method. Encourage them to give each method a real chance before deciding if it works for them or not.

Compare Your Notes

Encourage your child to share their notes with their classmates so that they can compare the information they got. They can help each other complete notes that got cut off or fill in the information they may have missed. They can also ask each other questions about things they may not have fully understood and complement knowledge.

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