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Learn to Identify Your Child's Distractors

Studying and doing homework aren't exactly exciting activities. Because of this, it's not uncommon for a student's attention to wander or focus on something more interesting. However, this can turn into a real time waster. To help your child complete their schoolwork more efficiently, identify their distractors and work to combat them together.

Internal Learning Distractors That Affect Students

Not all learning distractions are easy to identify or even visible. In fact, some students may be heavily distracted by the thoughts running through their head. If they're preparing for an important test, the stress of this or even feelings of self-doubt can really cause them to lose focus on the assignment in front of them. Students dealing with heavy issues in their personal life may re-read a page 50 times and still not understand a thing on it because their attention is on their personal problems. If your child is having a hard time concentrating because of issues like these, sit them down and talk to them. They may need to vent or they may want to talk to someone who can just listen to their problems. Reassure them that things will be ok, and help them get back to studying.

External Learning Distractors

External learning distractions are easier to catch because they tend to be tangible objects. Common external distractors may include your child's cellphone, their study group, and even noise from the television. Once you've discovered what it is that won't let them focus, work to remove it from their study environment. This may mean creating quiet hours at home, making their homework space an electronics-free zone, or having them study on their own.

Tutoring in Marietta GA

Enrolling your child in tutoring can help them develop better study habits. For the best tutoring classes around, check out The Tutoring Center, Marietta GA. Their learning center offers a variety of academic programs that can help your child reach academic success. To learn more, contact them at 770-977-1888.


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