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If you’re looking for an indoor activity to do with your child that’s inexpensive but great for their development, there are few better choices than journaling. Encouraging your child to keep a journal brings a whole host of rewards. Today, The Tutoring Center of East Cobb would like to tell you a little more about them.

It’s good reading and writing practice

Younger children need as much practice as possible developing their motor skills, and a journal provides the perfect place for them to doodle, draw and write and so learn how to use pens and pencils. Older children will benefit from the opportunity to practice their creative writing and work on their grammar, spelling and vocabulary at the same time. Reading back over what they’ve written is not only good reading practice, but helps them identify any issues with their writing, too.

It’s a good memory-booster

Consider asking your child to keep a journal of their day to day lives, as the act of remembering what they’ve done that day in as much detail as possible is a tremendous way to exercise their memory which has been shown to help boost their abilities when it comes to creating and recalling memories. Their journal can also act as a memento of their experiences, and they may enjoy looking back on it when they’re older.

It’s great for their imagination

Nurturing your child’s creativity through activities such as journaling is a great way to provide them opportunities to use their imagination. Imaginative play and creativity help your child develop the abstract and conceptual thinking needed for complex problem-solving, as well as being great fun.

It’s a tremendous emotional outlet

Having a place in which to work out their frustrations or negative feelings is extremely important for a growing child. Unpleasant emotions are unfortunately a part of growing up but they can be dealt with, and learning to work through them in a healthy way, such as through creative expression, is vital if your child is to be an emotionally well-rounded adult.

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