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 Having a pet not only gives your child companionship but can teach him or her many other things. We at The Tutoring Center in East Cobb, GA, would like to share with you how a pet can help your child learn confidence, social and cognitive skills.


Learning how to care for a pet helps build confidence and gives your child a sense of responsibility. Age-appropriate responsibility for the pet is important and is necessary for the safety of both the pet and the child. Let's take the family dog, for instance.  At the age of three, a child can learn to feed the dog. At five, she can also groom him. At eight, she can take the dog for a walk by herself, and by the time she is a teenager; she should be responsible for taking care of the dog exclusively.


For a younger child, having a pet can help in social situations. A shy child can learn to interact with others through her pet. Children are naturally drawn to pets, and if a child is holding or playing with one, more children will come over to see and pet the animal too. With adult guidance, this will teach your child to be aware, gentle, and also share with others.


Your child could develop an interest in a certain type of pet. Encourage your child to read and research about their favorite animal to learn about it's history, needs and characteristics. Take her to the local library to find books on the subject. And find a safe chat room online for your child to contact other owners of the same type of pet.

Pets can help your child build life skills, and we can help build academic skills here at The Tutoring Center in East Cobb. Call us for a free consultation, (770) 977-1888.


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