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Better Resuls in School With Tutoring and These Memory Tips

There are many factors that can affect how well a child is able to learn, but even more things can influence a child´s ability to memorize information. Doing well in school is not always just about learning, it also includes being able to memorize information. This is why today we want to point out a few factors that can help improve your child's memory.

Ways to Improve Your Child´s Memory

  • Healthy habits. Habits make a huge difference in how well children do in school. Good study habits as well as health habits, such as exercise, good sleep and nutritious meals, will also impact a child´s ability to learn and memorize. Healthy meals low in sugar and full of essential omegas and amino acids can improve student's memory. Sleep is also crucial because when we are asleep our brain performs the important function of storing information in a more permanent manner. Without sleep, it will be very difficult for your child to retain information.
  • Memorization methods. There are several techniques and methods that can also be used to aid a student in memorizing facts and other important information that each school subject requires. Math rules and formulas written out and posted around the house are a good visual reminder. This along with continuous repetition can help students memorize them better. For history, events and dates can best be remembered through fun songs or silly rhymes. Grammar rules and almost all other information will be best recalled with mnemonic devices, such as catchy phrases or acronyms.

Enhaced Learning With Tutoring in Marietta, GA

Although memorizing information is important, it is not always enough. Being able to thoroughly understand it and apply it is the true foundation of learning. This is why tutoring is the best option for succeeding academically. At The Tutoring Center in Marietta you can count on our professional tutors and exceptional academic programs to help your child improve their study skills and encourage better learning. Call 770-977-1888 and get your free consultation today.


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