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Creativity isn’t something your child either has or doesn’t have; it’s a skill like any other, one that requires guidance and practice. A creative mind is key not just to your child’s academic development but also to their happiness, so make sure you’re nurturing your child’s creativity by following these tips brought to you by The Tutoring Center in Marietta.

Provide resources

Children don’t need much in order to get creative. In fact, they only really require space and time, but fill your home with paints, crayons, craft materials and so on, and your child is likely to make good use of them.

Get involved

If your child doesn’t jump at the opportunity to be independently creative then you can encourage them by jumping in yourself. Ask your child to help you with a craft project, or suggest that you build or paint something together. This is a great bonding exercise and as your child sees you enjoying yourself creatively, they will be inclined to follow suit.

Remove constraints

If there’s one thing that kills creativity, it’s a rule or boundary. Don’t worry about what exactly your child is ‘achieving’ with their creative endeavours, and don’t attempt to guide them towards one goal or another (reaching a high grade on the piano, for example) as this will in all likelihood stifle their enjoyment and development. Creativity is all about autonomy, so let your child cut their own path.

There are countless other ways in which you can help your child flourish. Try reading our guide to helping children stay organized or, if you want to ensure they have every opportunity available, schedule a free diagnostic assessment with The Tutoring Center. This consultation will identify any areas in which your child could benefit from additional support, which we can then provide. Call 770-977-1888 to schedule tutoring in Marietta.


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