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The holidays are on their way, meaning your child will have plenty of free time to enjoy themselves doing all manner of things. This is a perfect opportunity to get your child engaged in reading; it’s an invaluable academic skill but can also provide hours of entertainment and help develop their creative side over their break from school. The Tutoring Center in Marietta have a few tips that should help get your child reading.

Offer an example

It’s well-established that children model much of their behaviour on that of their parents. If your child sees you enjoying a book, they’re likely to want to join in. Get involved with their reading by reading aloud to them and asking them to read aloud to you, asking them lots of questions about characters and stories from their books, and asking them to retell stories they’ve read to keep them engaged and excited about reading.

Offer opportunities

Provide a comfortable space in which to read and stock it with lots of enticing books and you shouldn’t have to work too hard to get your child reading. Let them decorate their own reading space to make it feel as if it is theirs and they’re likely to want to spend more time there. Make sure they always have access to some kind of reading material (this includes graphic novels, comics, etc.) in case they get the urge to read something.

Offer occasional rewards

If you notice that your child has made a lot of progress with their reading, or is making a concerted effort, then a reward can help them feel appreciated and help form good reading habits. The reward need not be material, as this could mean they read simply to get ‘prizes’, but could be a trip to the zoo or similar. It’s also important to offer praise every so often to ensure your child feels their effort is appreciated and valued.

Allow independence

If your child is to develop a lifelong reading habit, it’s important that they be allowed some independence regarding what they choose to read, so allow them to choose their own books based on their own desires and interests. If they feel forced into reading certain things or restricted from reading others, they may resent reading and form negative associations with it.

Give books as gifts

With the holidays approaching, you may well be thinking about what to get for your child. Giving books as gifts helps make them feel special and valuable, which will make your child hold books (and by extension the act of reading) in higher regard.

If you notice over the holidays that your child is struggling with any academic area, be it math, grammar, reading, or otherwise, don’t hesitate to contact The Tutoring Center. We offer support tailored to each individual student’s learning style, so call 770-977-1888 if you would like to arrange tutoring in Marietta.


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