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 College is the main goal for most students, as it’s where they will develop the skills and knowledge they need for better career choices and opportunities. However, the application process demands certain abilities from prospective students to make sure they will fulfill the academic demands.

One of the key admission criteria is the SAT score, which is a standardized test that measures different academic areas to ensure academic success in college. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Marietta, we prepared the following post containing useful tips to help your children prepare for this important test. 

Get to Know the Test

Your children need to familiarize with the test structure in order to answer each section successfully, and practice tests are the best way to achieve it. It’s recommended to carrying out practice tests every two weeks to assess the progress of your children, which will also help them creating strategies and learn how to use their time effectively.


There are many strategies to answer this test, however you children should be aware that questions are organized from easy to difficult. Also, there’s a wrong answer penalty, for this reason students must refrain from guessing; however, they can eliminate any wrong answers and take an educated guess. 

Getting Ready

Preparing for the test in advance is crucial, however your children have to be ready physically and mentally. The lifestyle of your children also plays an important role, so provide them with a healthy diet and make sure they are having quality sleep. Also, remember that exercise is a great way to reduce stress. 

The world is becoming more and more competitive and your children need to have a solid base to start their career. That’s why it’s important they prepare thoroughly for this test. Also, be sure to read our guide on staying organized in school. 

Remember that at The Tutoring Center, we can help your children achieve their goal score. Our exclusive programs provide our students with individualized instruction to improve their struggle areas. Think about us next time you are looking for tutoring in East Cobb. Call 770-977-1888 to learn more about our SAT/ACT programs.


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