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How to Help Your Teen Set & Achieve Reasonable Goals

Being a teenager can be a bit overwhelming, but it’s also an opportune time to introduce your teenager to the process of setting and achieving goals. The Tutoring Center in Marietta encourages you to work together with your teen to set appropriate academic and personal goals, so that your teen can feel the recognition of an accomplishment well earned:

Make a List

Sit down with your high schooler and ask them to write down a list of goals. Start small and reasonable, maybe with goals for the semester, then for the academic year, etc. Giving your child the opportunity to really have a think about what they want to accomplish and writing it down can help what may just be semi-formed ideas into feasible accomplishments.


After you have a few goals written down, write out a step-by-step process on how your teen might work towards achieving that particular goal. Include specific deadlines and dates to keep your high schooler on the ball. Your teenager will feel the satisfaction of completing each step, which will give them a taste of the potential gratification of achieving the entire goal. Make sure to reward each completed step with praise and recognition of your teen’s hard work.

Be Flexible

Most likely, not everything on your child’s list will go according to plan, so it’s best to prepare for changes with the right attitude. At the first setback, lead by example and help your teen either re-direct their sights to another goal or another way they might go about achieving the original goal. Unforeseen obstacles are just a part of life, and this is an excellent opportunity to show your high schooler that just because one small step doesn’t work out, doesn’t mean the entire endeavor has to be a failure.

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