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As the school year is officially underway, we certainly hope you are seeing some great achievements from your child already. We also hope that your child has been successful thus far in staying organized. Afterall, organization is linked to academic success. If your child has not been so successful in this area, don’t fret. Here, at The Tutoring Center in Marietta we would like to share SIX simple steps with you to help get your child back on track and on the road to an organized school year!

Set Goals

Of course the first goal should be to “stay organized,” but it should not be the only one. Think about the things you’d like to accomplish within the day, week, and even the major goals for the entire year, and work toward making those happen. Whether the goals are personal or academic, they are important and can be accomplished. Be sure to organize and prioritize your goals to get them done in the best order. 

Avoid Clutter

The more things you have, the more difficult it is to stay organized. Do not allow yourself to stack up piles of paper or random objects. Be sure not to fill your workspace, backpack, or locker with a lot of clutter. Keep those areas especially clean. It is easier to locate what you need, when you avoid unnecessary build up.  

Designate a Study Space

Pick a space in your home, with your parents permission of course, as a designated place to work and study. Remember, your bed is not a good option. Reserve that for sleeping, as much as possible. Whether you choose the kitchen table, a desk in your room, or some other area of the home, keep that area quiet and free of clutter. Also have a space designated to place all of your school items for the next day. You should place your backpack here, homework, and any major projects. This will help to avoid the scramble in the morning of remembering/finding everything you need for the day. 

Write It Down

Taking a picture or thinking “oh, I will remember that” are not good options. Sure, it is possible that you will remember, but writing it down will ensure that you remember. Although taking a picture of the assignments due may seem like a good idea, imagine the distraction taking out your phone to “see what homework you have” will provide. 

Use a Planner

An excellent place to keep track of what is due, is to use a planner. Be sure to get one that is divided into daily slots. When your teacher gives you homework that is due later in the week or school year, be sure to write down the assignment the day it is assigned, as well as the day it is due, and make notes in between to be working on it.

Break It Up and Work it Out

Set your schedule up so that you can work best. You may work better if you place the most difficult tasks at the beginning of your study/homework schedule. If you find that you’re losing steam, take a few minutes to go for a walk, do some jumping jacks, or something active. Wash your face, eat a healthy snack, and get back to work! Try doing your homework before the other activities of the afternoon, if possible. Remember that homework and studying should take priority. 

Once your young one is on the right organizational track, you may discover that he or she is in need of academic assistance. The Tutoring Center is here for exactly that! Contact us at 770-977-1888, for tutoring in Marietta.


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