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Having the right setup to learn can help student focus on their assignments and make their study sessions more productive. However, this key learning feature is often neglected and it can get in the way of great academic achievement. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Marietta, we created the following post containing useful advice to create an efficient study space at home.  


Your children’s attention can be easily diverted by school supplies, as they will stop what they are doing to find them, so make sure to provide the space with everything they need to carry out their assignments. Remember that the chair and desk you choose should be comfortable enough to prevent overuse injuries and fatigue, but it shouldn’t be too comfortable, otherwise it can put your children to sleep. 


Your children’s study sessions can become less efficient and productive due to distractions, so you should be able to pinpoint them and remove them from the study space. Also, remember that the room temperature should be fairly cool, as stale and stuffy air can make your children sleepy.


Sometimes, natural light isn’t enough to read and learn, so you should also provide the space you with task lighting. It’s recommended that you place the lamp above and behind the head of your children to prevent glares. Also, taking your children to the pediatrician is a good idea to identify any vision problems. 

Excelling in school is a process that takes time and patience, yet you can always provide your children with the support they need to achieve their academic goals. Also, it’s no secret that being organized is crucial in academic success, so be sure to read our guide on this topic. 

If your children need an extra hand to overcome their academic struggles, you can count on The Tutoring Center. Our experienced tutors will provide each of their students with the assistance and attention they require. Consider us next time you are looking for tutoring in Marietta. Call 770-977-1888 to learn more about our programs.


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