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Summer break can be a great time for your teenager to get a part-time job and learn the responsibility of money. The Tutoring Center in Marietta has some ideas on how you can help them in this process. 

Remember, all applications are formal.

Don’t be fooled - An employer asking you to fill out an application form instead of providing a resume is not a sign for you to be any less professional.  The amount of respect that is shown to potential employers through the process can be the difference between a successful application and a missed opportunity.

Identify skills and focus on those jobs first.  

Applying for jobs takes time, so make the most of yours. Consider academic and extracurricular activity skills and identify which jobs they are more closely matched to. Focus on these applications first, as your teenager’s skillset is more likely to match their requirements.

Remember, these are jobs for your teenager to have over the summer. So while using their skill set is an advantage to get a job, it doesn’t necessarily need to be in their direct study field. The goal is for your teenager to successfully get a summer job and learn the responsibility of money and the independence that comes with it.

It all adds up!

Ask around your family and neighborhood. If a relative is fixing their car and could do with some help, ask if they might be interested in hiring an extra pair of hands for a few hours. Or maybe your neighbor needs tutoring or math help. What may seem like only $20 here and there will quickly grow. It’s also an opportunity to network and get more referrals for similar jobs. Keeping it local means they don’t necessarily need to use a car, and can do the jobs independently. 

These are just some of the ideas that can help your teenager in learning the valuable lessons money can teach them.  To help them get the most out of the educational path, speak with our experts about complementing these lessons with reading, writing, and math help through one-to-one instruction or private tutoring in Marietta. Call us today at 770-977-1888 for more information.


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