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Help Your Child Improve Their Reading Abilities

Good reading skills can help your child improve their overall learning in school, but sadly, over a third of school-aged children have a very difficult time with reading. That is why it is so important that students work on their reading skills. Luckily, the summer is the perfect time for it. Read the following information to get a better idea on how to help your child improve their reading abilities this season.

Tips to Help Your Child Read This Summer

  • Encourage activities that involve reading. You don't necessarily have to sit for half an hour straight reading a book. Show your child that reading is a part of everyday life and that it is important for daily tasks and other activities. Promote activities that indirectly involve reading, such as following a recipe to make a dessert or reading an instructions manual to put together a toy.
  • Give them a variety of options. Options are always good, especially when it comes to books and reading material. Encourage your child to read about topics and subjects that interest him/her. Take them to the library or a book shop and let them pick a book on something they personally enjoy.
  • Play reading games. Show your child that reading can be quite fun by playing games that promote reading and higher vocabulary building, such as Scrabble or other word games.
  • You can also encourage your child to read more by providing small incentives based on their efforts. You can choose a few small incentives or one big one at the end of the summer. For example, if they read 1000 pages by the end of the summer they get to pick a theme park to go to.

Improve Your Child's Reading Skills with Tutoring in Marietta, GA

Help your child improve their reading skills by getting them expert help. At The Tutoring Center, Marietta your child will learn to enjoy reading while improving their reading skills and abilities. Contact them right now at 770-977-1888 and get a free consultation today.


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