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Why Goal Setting Matters

A great way to start off the school year is by sitting down with your child to develop goals for the school year. If you're not sure why this is so important, this post can help you understand the importance of developing goals.

Have Clear Targets

Without goals, your child will be making their way through the school year without any clear targets to aim for. Although they may do fine this way, giving them specific targets to aim for will keep them motivated throughout the year. If they know what they're working towards, all the effort they put into it will have a clear reason behind it. Having this sense of purpose can push them to do better.

Manage Time Better

Once your child knows what they're working towards, they can develop a plan to get there. This will help them manage their time better as they will have a clearer understanding of what they should focus on. They can also eliminate distraction easily and focus on what's important.

Make Dreams Possible

We all have big dreams that may feel impossible. However, by setting smaller goals that get us closer to the big one, this far-fetched dream may not seem so impossible after all. Encourage your child to develop a goal setting habit so that they can reach even their biggest of dreams.


Once your child has developed a plan to accomplish their goals, have them think about the obstacles they may encounter along the way. Think of a few ways to get past these together. This will help your child understand that they're responsible for reaching their goals no matter what comes their way. Instead of blaming outside circumstances, help them learn to deal with these distractors. Also, be sure they understand how great they'll feel once they reach their target.

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