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One Simple Activity to Help Your Child Develop Better Listening Skills

The majority of students have a hard time with listening abilities and struggle to actively pay attention to classroom lessons. This is a problem that is seen more and more every day. The good news is that listening skills can be learned and enhanced through practice. The following tip can allow you to help your child improve their listening skills with everyday tasks.

Give Your Child Constant Practice in Listening to and Following Instructions

When children receive instructions they need to put their listening skills to work by not only listening to the instructions, but also processing what the steps they need to take to follow them. It is important that you teach your child to listen to instructions the first time you give them so that you don't have to repeat yourself as many times. This allows them to be more attentive and continually improves their listening abilities.

As Children Improve, Try to Give Them More of a Challenge

One great way to do this is to have them give their siblings or other parent instructions. Depending on your child's age adjust the instructions to be longer or shorter. You can start by saying things like, ¨Tell your brother to come help me put the groceries away,¨ or ¨Tell your sister that she needs to put her clothes away, wash the dishes, and then finish her homework.¨ This not only forces students to listen to what is being said but to also have to actively listen so that they can convey the message correctly.

Help Your Child Improve Their Learning Abilities and Listening Skills with Tutoring in Marietta GA

It is important to practice good listening skills at home since this will help your children improve. However, most of the time students need additional help in order to efficiently implement better listening abilities and improved working memory skills. With the support of The Tutoring Center, Marietta GA your child will be able to better develop these and other learning skills in no time. Contact them today at 770-977-1888 and schedule a consultation at no charge.


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