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Help Your Child Improve Their Oral Reading Skills

Reading skills are something all students must master at some point in order to find success. Luckily, reading can be a fun activity for most youngsters and just takes some practice. Use these tips to encourage your child to continue developing their oral reading skills.

Introduce Your Child to Reading at a Young Age

Children who are exposed to reading at a very young age tend to develop a love for it without much hesitation. Even if your child can't read yet, reading out loud to them can help them feel more comfortable with it. Point out words as you read them so that they get comfortable identifying words and relating them to sounds.

Correct Reading Mistakes

Once your child is able to read, have them read out loud to you. Whenever they come across words they don't know, help them learn the correct pronunciation of the word. Once they have the word down, have them repeat the entire sentence in order to ensure they understand what they're reading.

Books on Tape

Students can benefit from reading along with a recorded version of the book they're working on. Reading and simultaneously listening to the material can help not only their reading fluency but also their reading comprehension. If you don't have a copy of the book on tape, you can take turns reading out loud while the other person follows along silently.

Reading Tutoring in Marietta GA

Reading requires that students master a number of skills that can prove to be a bit tricky. If your child is struggling with any of these reading components, don't hesitate to enroll them in tutoring in Marietta. Contact The Tutoring Center, Marietta GA at 770-977-1888 to learn all about the academic programs they offer and how these can help keep your child on track for success.


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