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How to Start out the New Year With an Academic Goal

Starting out the new year with new goals and plans is great, but it's important to make an efficient plan to reach them. Take advantage of this time of year to encourage your child to set academic goals and help them to reach their goals with success.

Tips to Help Encourage Your Child to Set Academic Goals

  • Share your New Years's resolution and goals. Include your children in your own goal-setting efforts and let them see the importance of making a plan to reach your goals. Share your struggles and your achievements to let them see how the goal-setting process works.
  • Teach them to make their goals SMART. There are different versions of this acronym, but most of them refer to a similar concept. You need to make your goals specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. This will help goals be easier to actually reach and will help you keep track of just how far or close you are to getting. Help your child write down their goal and make a plan to achieve it using the SMART guidelines.
  • Once they have their goal and plan written down, help them write it on a large poster and place it where they can easily see it. Post it up in a place where they will see it often and help them keep track of their progress. For more tips on how to help your child set goals and additional information for goal-setting strategies for teens, read this post.

Tutoring in Marietta GA Can Help Your Child Reach Every Academic Goal

Teaching your child goal-setting strategies is a simple yet powerful way to help them be more successful students. Boost your efforts by providing them with the ideal support through tutoring. At The Tutoring Center, Marietta GA your child will obtain all the tools necessary to reach every one of their academic goals. Contact them right now by dialing 770-977-1888.


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