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How to Set SMART Goals

Now that your child knows how important it is to set goals, be sure they have the technique down. Use these tips to help them set the most effective type of goals: SMART goals.

Make Goals Specific

As you sit down with your child to work on their goals, remind them to be as specific as possible when writing them down. While it's great that your child has decided they want to get a good grade in math, this isn't specific enough. Ask them what grade it is they're aiming for and how they'll get there. Take this time to also ask what tools they'll need and who can help them reach their goal. Having all of this information will make reaching their goal easier.

Goals Should Be Measurable

In order for your child to stay motivated, their goals should allow them to see their gains. This is why it's important for your child to set measurable goals. It helps to set mini-deadlines or short-term goals that will show them their progress as they work to get to their larger goal.

Make Sure They're Achievable

Goals should push your child to break barriers and do their absolute best. However, be sure that the goals they set are realistic and achievable. If they are completely impossible, your child may be left feeling discouraged and less confident.

Are Your Child's Goals Relevant?

Having goals that are relevant is important because it's what makes working towards them worth our time. Allow your child to set their own goals instead of you choosing them. Doing this will ensure your child will stay motivated to keep moving forward because they'll actually care about the goals they set.

Trackable and Timely Goals

For a goal to work it needs to have a time limit. For example, if your child wants to get an A in math, by when do they want this grade? Are they aiming for an A at the end of the semester or at the end of the year? Having a time limit or deadline will make establishing a plan easier and will give your child more motivation as the date approaches.

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