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Tutoring in Marietta Makes Writing Fun

At The Tutoring Center in Marietta, we know what an important role writing, plays in all school works, and in life outside of school. That is why we believe it is important to introduce children to the love of writing at a young age. Today we want to share some small action steps you can take that can make writing fun and enjoyable even during the early school years.

Action Steps to Make Writing Fun

  1. Get them a fun pencil. Have them use it as their special writing pencil to keep at home.
  2. Start them off with small writing tasks. Let them use their special pencil for fun and short writing activities. They can start off by writing special notes to mom or dad or friends or writing reminders in sticky notes.
  3. Make writing special. Have young children decorate a box to keep special ¨wishes.¨ They can use their special pencil to write things they wish for and add them to the box. This can turn into a small writing assignment for older children and quick sentence writing for smaller kids. Have them put their wishes in the box and help them talk about how to help those wishes come true. This is also great for introducing them to goals and how wishes can come true when you work towards them. It is also fun to save them for years and you can even show it to them years later like at their college graduation.

Tutoring in Marietta, GA

Writing is a special skill that can easily be learned but like all abilities, it is best acquired through motivation and love for practicing it. Reading is another important skill that goes hand in hand with writing, for ideas on how to encourage older children to read you can visit our post titled Encouraging Your Teen to Read. Let us help your child stay motivated and learn successfully, our tutoring experts are here to help your child thrive in school and in life. Call us today at 770 977 1888.


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