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Tutoring and Other Tips That Will Help Your Child Avoid a Summer Learning Loss

Everyone is affected by the summer learning loss that many students face. It affects teachers because they have to spend much more time reteaching old material once the new school year starts. It affects students because it hinders their academic performance and even affects the school because the curriculum can't get covered when so much time is spent going over previous lessons. Tackling the summer learning loss should be one of parents' top priorities this summer. Today we want to discuss how you can help prevent your child from regressing this summer.

Things You Can Do to Prevent a Summer Learning Loss

  • Play games that encourage learning. There is no reason for learning to be tedious, all sorts of games can be used to help students practice several academic skills.
  • Help your child to be more active during the summer by limiting television time and encouraging physical activities. Swimming and other summer sports are a great way to get your child to exercise and reap the academic benefits of staying active.
  • Spend time with your child and complete a science experiment or other creative learning activity. Click here for a science experiment idea you can try this summer. 
  • Encourage your teenager to apply for a summer job. Summer jobs can help students practice their math skills and working memory abilities while teaching them real life skills and money management strategies.
  • Enroll your child in summer tutoring. Students can catch up and even get ahead through tutoring, but it is also a good way to make sure they are not missing out on academic development during the summer.

Summer Tutoring in Marietta, GA

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